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100 days before daily vlog

100 days before daily vlog

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ยทApr 18, 2021ยท

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In 104 sleeps we leave our lives in the UK for 1 year of travelling the world. We have no idea what it is going to look like, if we will get to visit any of the countries we hope too or how any of it will work.

So in 4 sleeps I am starting a daily vlog all about how do you plan a trip around the world with your family, these daily videos will be short and to the point, no influencer bullshit trying to get it to 10 minutes long and will cover personal/work/business/family topics.

Why a daily vlog

1) I am procrastinating on the things we need to do in preparation to leaving and doing this is a bit of a hack to get me to do these things (stupid I know but I know how my brain works)

2) We have watched a lot of videos of people and families who have travelled and most wish they had started documenting before their trip for something to look back and share with family/friends and future generations.

3) We are taking our children out of school, stopping jobs and a business to do this (in a pandemic) and believe others wish they could, maybe this lead up to us leaving will show others it is possible.

4) There is a chance that someone at SpaceX will see it and we can get a tour and see a rocket (keep calm). ๐Ÿคž

Subscribe via the Youtube here or I will be setting up a area on this website you can check them out.

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