AI in low code/no code with Ross Chapman (skysoclear)

AI in low code/no code with Ross Chapman (skysoclear)

Today's episode I am delighted to have Ross Chapman, from Sky So Clear in the UK, join me for a chat.

Ross and I have known each other for many years and Ross has a great background and perspective of Design Sprints and product thinking. He drops a bombshell concept in the chat around using Notion/AI models as a future way to value your business (around the 42-minute mark). This idea stopped me in my tracks. Enjoy the chat.

AI summary

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, businesses are looking for ways to harness its potential. We recently sat down with Ross, an expert in design sprints and AI applications, to discuss the future of business and how AI can revolutionize the way we work.

Key takeaways from the interview:

  1. The shift towards AI-generated content has the potential to democratize creation, empowering more people to bring their ideas to life.

  2. AI can help predict success in various industries by analyzing patterns and providing insights on project efficiency, resource allocation, and marketing strategies.

  3. Integrating AI into project management tools like Notion could allow businesses to better understand team dynamics and optimize resource allocation.

  4. The future of design sprints and prototyping could involve AI-generated content, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

  5. No-code and low-code solutions are becoming increasingly important as technology evolves, enabling rapid adaptation to new tools and methods.

  6. The rise of AI-generated content could lead to a more customized internet experience, potentially changing the way we interact with websites and digital content.

  7. Despite concerns about AI's impact on traditional industries, Ross believes that people should find the rapid evolution of technology exciting and embrace the potential for innovation.

In conclusion, the future of business is rapidly changing as AI becomes more integrated into everyday processes. While there are concerns about the implications of AI-generated content, embracing these advancements can lead to greater efficiency, innovation, and accessibility.