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·Feb 19, 2021·

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The Problem

Generally but especially in the current global pandemic situation lots of people are losing jobs. People are sending CVs out and updating LinkedIn profiles but let’s be honest that stuff doesn’t always work, it's your network that gives you your best chance to get quick employment.

But let’s review why these other things don’t work such as job board listings.

  • You don’t know if the job has been filled
  • What is the job spec if a skill is must-have, has that changed over the 2 months of advertising because they can’t get anyone
  • Is the salary even listed and if it is what is the flexibility on this
  • … and finally recruiters, I am sure there are some good ones out there, somewhere.

The Solution

Ok, so what could be a possible solution to this, what if we switched the solution around, instead of people looking for roles, what if companies look for people. Now you're going to say yes but companies don’t have time for that… fuck that, most companies are going to look through a list of CVs and when they can’t find anyone suitable they are going to ask either HR or the external recruiter to just send anyone through.

What if there was a way that you could list people in a similar to how a jobs board lists job roles but it was also up to date with people’s true desire to be contacted as a person you could list what you're looking for and under what terms.

Now there are parts that we would need to be careful with such as displaying people’s contact details which can all be opt-in and togglable by the person listing themselves. They could even hide their name until a mutual match is found.

The Visuals and Tech

Ok, so how could this look, let’s go simple first. We need to list “people” and their bio type information and we need a method of filtering and sorting the “people” for those searching and then we need a way for people to update their status and for companies to get alerted or reminded when “people” change their status or new people now qualify for your search filters.

Check out the detailed video explainer of the visual and tech part. The sound goes a little strange as the start but sorts itself out after a few seconds.

The Business

So in the current pandemic climate, it would be a great public good to provide this service for free, that being said there are other ways you could make money from the service that doesn’t mean charging all the person listing themselves as well as the company looking for people.

Advertisement is always a tricky one and relies on both major traffic numbers and/or shit ad pushing. Though some companies looking for people could pay or people looking to highlight themselves and therefore you could have a single sponsor of email alerts and at the header of the website that charges per week and rotates. This isn’t going to net you millions but if you have a good user base and an engaged audience it could be a nice business.

So how does this look in numbers, if I wanted to prompt a role or my company because we are hiring paying £99 for a month seems a good deal but for me I only want it to be seen by developers for example so therefore you could charge another company £99 a month for chefs. Or that sponsorship bar could be for people to list themselves “Kev is a chef in London looking now”.

If you can get 10-20 verticals/people you could hit £1,000 to £2,000 per month in revenue and once member signup starts to increase that £99 a month becomes £99 a week and you go to £4,000 to £8,000 a month in revenue and with very limited overhead costs.

The Marketing

So how do you get it out to people? You need to build up demand on either side of the pipe, either companies looking for people after work or people looking for work. Going after people would make more sense because then you have an audience, so setting up keywords on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook for “looking for a job” and reply to them to list on your service. At the same time proactively search out for companies who are looking to hire and make them aware of your service and the X people in their vertical you have.

So.... peopleboard.io is available :)

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