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What if we just used chatGPT as an API to the internet?

What if we just used chatGPT as an API to the internet?

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Lee Mallon
·Apr 11, 2023·

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I give you generative APIs

I love drinking the kool-aid of this new AI age but in the hype cycle we are currently in there is a lot of noise and tools like chatGPT are being overlooked for more simple yet powerful tasks such as acting as an API to the internet.

In this video, I walk through how I iterate on a series of prompts to create an API that itself was written with chatGPT and returns chatGPT generated data in a format (JSON) that can be understood by other systems or to go in a crazy inception loop may be read by chatGPT. It’s all very inception!

You can read through the slides or watch the video below.

Video: https://youtu.be/UdwP1OZxNU0




The final prompt:

Create a JSON object containing a list of the 10 most populated cities in the world, sorted alphabetically by city name. For each city, include the following properties:

  • id: an incremental number from 1 to 10

  • city_names: a list of dictionaries, where each dictionary has the keys language and name, and contains the name of the city in English, French, and German

  • country_name: the name of the country the city is located in

  • city_population: the population of the city

  • description: a one-line sentence describing the city

  • createdOn: a random date and time in March 2023

  • imageUrl: a URL pointing to an image of the corresponding country

  • hash: a MD5 hash of the country_name

The JSON object should have a top-level property called createdOn, which is a string representing the date and time when the JSON object was created.

The api to see the magic:



I would love to hear any feedback/comments on this concept of creating generative AI APIs.

Or if you need any support with your AI strategy please get in touch at leemallon.com.

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